Open research: the impact of (sports) events

This website is dedicated to information about the social and economic evaluation and impact of (sports) events in the Netherlands. More specifically: on the assumptions and methods underlying evaluation studies and the results of these studies.


  • You can use the Wiki e.g. what is economic impact (in Dutch)?


  • You can download the guidelines on impact research (mostly in Dutch)?


  • You can use the database of evaluations, e.g.
    • Which events in the Netherlands are this year being evaluated according to the guidelines (see table below)
    • Which events have been evaluated in the past (see tab below)

Not every evaluation-study has resulted in a (published) report. You can find the (published) reports by this link:

  • List of WESP reports?
  • After registration on this website you can search for specific events, date, type of evaluation (economic, social, etc), city etc.

Overview of recent and ongoing evaluation studies:

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Logowespgroot This website is based on information of the WESP, the Dutch Working Group on the Evaluation of Sports Events. This is a community of researchers and experts who exchange information and formulate guidelines on the measurement of impact of sports events. An example is the Guidelines for economic impact.

This community is an example of Open Research.

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